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Internal Reports

These are summaries of data collection efforts, compilations of data analyses, results of focus groups and usability tests on the various systems that our DLI project have built.

Functional Requirements

Early focus group reports on potential user information finding habits, current journal use patterns, and expectations for future systems.

Instrumention documentation- collecting user action logs

General complilation of data on our (potential) users, their current information finding habits, and their expectations/ wishes of future systems; and data on current users, transaction logs, and user studies..

Usability Reports: We loosely follow the guidelines laid out by Monk, Wright, Haber, and Davenport. (1993). "Improving Your Human- Computer Interface." Prentice Hall, NY, NY. Either we did individual, face to face work with the interface, or we asked people to use the system, take notes, then meet in a focus group to discuss the system.

These tests are on three different interfaces and systems. All except the first version of "IODyne" access the same database of engineering, physics, and computer science journals. This is an SGML database developed by the Illinois DLI in conjunction with the publishers.